Gift certificate


I received a gift certificate for a local game shop and when I went today they were closed. I was tricked they had the lights on doing inventory and some rearranging but closed. I going to pick up some hobby supplies like new files and such. I spent some time in the morning digging up the chapter approved with TDR (tyranid design rules) and read up on them just for fun. I love getting inspired.



Well after some minor touch-ups to the blog to get things kick started I couldn't stop thinking about my goals. Its that time of the year everyone thinks about new years resolutions. This blog is one of mine. I also have a goal of assembly for each week. At a bare min, I am going to assemble 4 gaunts or 1 larger model. I pray I can do more. I have so much to assemble its daunting to get it all done. I will list all that I have unpainted and left to assemble in future post. Till then, May the hive mind consume you.

Xmas night


Merry Xmas to all!!! Its xmas night and I had a great xmas with the family. I did not recieve too many 40k products. I got for xmas two zoanthropes and a broodlord. I am excited about both of them. They will help round out my army to give me the broodlord which I had not previously owned. The extra zoanthropes will come in handy for the hive mind brood formation! I should return to my apartment soon and continue growing the hive fleet as I have much to do.

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