Goals: Time to hold myself accountable


At the beginning of the year I made a list of Hobby Goals for the year As five months have passed I know I did not complete any of my goals. So lets see how little I did get accomplished.

1) Finish my Arctic Game Board: I keep looking for a magical solution to the resin and water effects. I just can't "half a$$" it. So I am stuck on the fence doing nothing.

2)Finish the Bunker: Another half finished project.

3)Strip all my old Tyranid Models: Mostly done. I just have not gotten out a point like a toothpick to get the crevices.

4)Finish my Carnifex: I have him all cleaned and ready to for when I get him painted by MAS.

5)Build some Tyranid objectives: That would be a no

6)Design a campaign: I have put down some ideas but nothing even close to a real campaign. Maybe planetstrike will help boost my confidence to make one.

7)Get about 1000 points of Hive Fleet Erebus painted: To date I have gotten 1 broodlord, two tyrant guard, and dual scything talon Hive Tyrant. My Flyrant is being finished so that counted I have about 460 points with minimal biomorphs. Its not a bad start and I hope to finish strong.

With a little more than half a year left there is time. I accomplish things in a year that some people can pump out in a month. I am still holding myself accountable and hope to finish the year strong.

Testing some products and Flyrant


I bought a couple of products to test them out a little. The first was Pledge with Future. Path of the Exodite had a post on using this product as water effects. After working with the product a little bit I found that you can color it. I recommend an ink, dye, or food coloring. I had a problem mixing it with paint. I could not get a uniform color. It was harder to mix and it made the pledge clump a little. This which when trying to spread it....made it a tad more difficult. This may have been due to the paint as it was general acrylic paint from Micheal's. After playing with colors I put it a couple more tests.

I originally bought the product as I wanted to know if it could be used in larger volumes for my board. After testing I found that it is not possible. This product seems to only dry when in small small amounts. In larger amounts it just stays in liquid form. After a month my test is still sitting there laughing at my optimism.
It does make a great water effects in small amounts as Path of the Exodite use it.

The next product I bought was polycrylic. I have not tested this product yet. I wanted to see if once dry over paint it is safe to use epoxy resin over top. Lets hope for the best. I bought a cutting board with a grid unlay from my local hobby shop. That is about all on the purchase front. I finished reading Decent of Angels and started reading Legion. The HH series is coming along nicely. I hope to catch up on the series by the end of the year.

I got some updates from MAS on my flyrant so here they are.

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