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Ok basically I just bought an army and I feel a little shame but I felt like self indulging and well I think it will be a great splinter fleet of Erebus. So here is what I got of eBay. Below is the eBay listing....

Warhammer 40K Tyranid Army. This army was introduced at the 2006 Chicago GamesDay GT where it scored top 5 for paint (it was chosen as one of the top 5 armies to be judged by all the players), and top 10 overall. Here are some other accomplishments:

Adepticon Gladiator event, scored top 15 in 2007 and 2008. (overall record in Gladiator was 7-0-1 the draw coming against another Godzilla list)

Winner of 2006-2007 Tournament Trackers

Won over 10 RTTs both locally (Chicago) and Nationwide

Scored in top 3 in EVERY tournament entered with the exception of the GTs and Adepticon tournaments listed above.

An now for the models included:


Forge World Flying Tyrant (highly comverted)

Tyrant with 3 Tyrant Guard



Elite Carnifex

Elite Carnifex

Elite Carnifex

5 Warriors

2 Lictors


24 Genestealers

11 Hormagaunts

22 Ripper bases (highly converted)

Fast Attack

Red Terror

9 Forge World Meiotic Spores

30+ Spore Mines

Heavy Support

3 Zoanthropes

Heavy Carnifex

Heavy Carnifex

Heavy Carnifex

Also included are 2 objective markers to match the rest of the army.

What you see is what you get. The display board is NOT included in this auction. Flat $25 shipping within continental 48 states. All models will be shipped in Army Transport foam trays. Please contact me for international shipping. Buyer must pay or contact me within 48 hours of auction's end. Checks/MOs accepted (must clear before I ship), PayPal preferred. Please check out all my auctions.

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