Happy Thanksgiving

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The video below explains a little about the original design of my table and hopefully clarifies some. I show the old Chapel Sanctuary from GW I recently purchased among other rambling. Go ahead, watch and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

Organizing the game room


I changed the template for my blog to to allow the width of the youtube videos (They were overlapping the links on the side). Most of my free time this week was spent organizing my new found game room in the basement. I added a book shelf and started putting all hobby books on it. I love having it all the rules,white dwarfs, and hobby books in one place to access. In the midst of organizing, I found some old posters. I am going to laminate them and put up in the room with the others I already have up. Looking down the road, I want to get a display case for the room and keep my models in it. I about done cleaning the mold lines of the 9 warriors. I will then move to preparing some of the metal models I bought of eBay that I stripped of paint and glue. The final update is Micro Art Studio finished the Trygon I had them paint up in my colorscheme. They do a great job as always!

Random Video on whats current


Table Update: Trouble with Resin Part 2

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This is part 2 of what happened with what I had started to doing and some after pics of the cleanup to prepare for the future.

Table Update: Trouble with Resin

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This is the first part of my ramble and talked about the problems I encountered and possible solutions to what I can.....Watch and I still cant believe that in just a 30 min it had eating everything it touched which was not very high....Well enjoy and dont do what I did

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