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So after putting a thick layer of plaster on the sides I have a strong buffer to the foam. I then proceeded to buy the resin to pour for the lakes/ocean/water areas. After talking to a company explaining what I wanted to use it for they told be to use a polyester resin. (the company was Tap Plastics) Well I did so and then saw the polyester resin EAT THE FOAM. So after doing my best to repair the damage I did my due diligence in research. I found that Polyester resin does eat the foam and that I should use an epoxy resin instead. I found that expoxy resin is used on surfboards with a foam core to seal it. Then they use a polyester resin on top. So after a long search I have to grab some epoxy casting resin. Its good to have finished a long cleanup of damage control on my board and get back to finishing before it gets to cold for a good resin pour.

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