Plaster and sanding

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I have added and sanded 2 layers of the plaster and its starting to shape up the sides nicely. Its taken longer than thought simply because I am no mason with the putty/plaster. Every time I sand the plaster there are weak spots than crack and crumble chunks. It is making the table have a very nice finished look. I also bought at a local hardware store some spraypaint (it is the H2O latex krylon has discontinued due to lack of sales) It is a fantastic product as it does not eat foam!!! So I bought a couple cans of white for future ice terrain. I also had a professional company paint my dream color scheme. Its not complex but for some reason I love it and thats what matters. The White and blue color scheme is what I love. Micro Art Studio did a fantastic job as you can see below.

Table Update: Slow and Steady

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Well my table is coming along. I am about ready to take it apart layer by layer paint the extreme highlights on the parts that will be ice and gluing it down. After that is the final part of pouring the transparent resin for the water effects. The video below is pretty much the majority of the board and a fairly good look and what the final product will look like without some paint and water effects. Till later!

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