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Today I was able to finish assembly of 4 more spineguants. That leaves only 8 more! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Still have some Tyrant guard to assembly and conversion work to do also. I also spent a good amount of time cutting all the excess biomorphs and bioweapons from the various sprues I had left over and organized them into my bitz box. I was really happy about that and to see all that I had for future conversions! I also plan on entering a video contest on youtube and hopefully I will win and then I can get tons and I MEAN TONS OF TYRANIDS! Thats it for now!

Tyranid Terrain


I just found this and though it was something to remember. I wouldnt use this same color scheme but it was something that I enjoyed as there is not many new terrain ideas for Tyranids. You can see it here

Hive Tyrant conversion idea


I have been thinking of converting another of my hive tyrants to have a scything talon at the end of the venom cannon. An example that inspired me is here and here (this one was the most inspiring and I believe the other guy got his idea from this one as well) What I want to do is have the gun and its "cord arm" on the same side with the scything talon coming down. I also am considering one like the second photo just cause it looks like the tyrant is ready to swing the venom cannon as a scyth to cut a marines head off!

As for flying tyrants I really like Molochs here (you have to go to molochs gallery then headquarter and second one down) and this one that is similiar with the scything talons

Stills "the before" Hive tyrant


here are the still of the before on my hive tyrant

Pic 1 and Pic 2

Greenstuff scuplting


I picked up a sculpting knife from a local GW store cause I never owned one. I cut off the finger of the hive tyrant that connected to the lash whip. I wanted to have a more agressive pose with the whip like many converted bloodthirsters have. So I am going to have to re attach the finger with green stuff to make a seamless finger and its too small to pin. I was also thinking about adding more lash whip tentacles to make the whip seem really aggressive and intimidating. Well thats all just thoughts for now cause I still have plenty of spineguants to assemble!

Vblog #4 My termaguant brood


title and video says it all

Vblog #3 My genestealers with sycthing talons


Here is a video of the genestealers I finished before xmas

4 more guants


I finished 4 more guants today so that brings my total assembly to 16 termaguants, 4 spineguants, and partly finished tryant guard. Its almost halfway through the month I got to get going. Im already sick of mold lines. Now I understand why people dont do horde armies cause its alot of work and you dont feel like getting around to the conversions cause you want to see progress! Ok im done venting. More to come

not much progress


I was only able to accomplish a couple termaguants. I have slowed down and well I need to get back on schedule. Its a love hate relationship entering in the contest. I know its worth it to motivate me to get my assembly done. I had an idea I brought up to the forum (remember I am VoidLord) that was shot down here

Since I was completely not thinking about wysiwyg and the leaping biomorph I am not going though with it. Maybe one day I will cut the models up a little to change the poses and whatnot. Not this time as I am going to get them done. I also had the idea of putting some blades on top of the tyrant guard or even some toxic miasma who knows?


hey guys well this is a video of my current workstation and what I am working on. Its all those guants. I have been working non-stop on the assembly and am ahead of schedule. I cant get lazy though cause I do want to do some conversions. I want to spice up those tyrant guard cause they are fairly simple and boring. the video can also be seen on my youtube stuff here


These are all the models I have to assemble for the competition. I gots to get started

Modeling converting contest


I have entered the modeling converting contest for the month of January on the the tyranid hive. rules are here I am doing 20 spineguants and 20 termaguants and 2 tyrant guard. I have my work cut out for me cause 40 guants really suck to assemble (boring and all those mold lines) Well that should motivate me to get some assembly done.

My girlfriend also proposed a deal. I have to workout and get back to my "great looking body" at under 200lbs (I weight now 225) and that extra weight has really helped in the rugby season at college but now that I am done with that she will buy me $400 worth of bugs as she calls it. I have till the summer to get down and all "hot" as she says. Well I have so much to choose from and the options are amazing. Well that's something to think about but I have a ton to assemble and get done for the competition though I don't think i will win but I entered and cant let them or myself down.

Tyranid Guant progress


I finished assembly A-Z on 4 spineguants today. I was inspired by having purchased some hobby files and a hobby k,nife. Both of which are produced by games-workshop. I have to say they are good and my only complaint is I think the hobby knife blades should be sturdier and not as weak. I have not decieded on my exact army composition. I am content with guant assembly as there are so many to do. I cant decide what to make my hive tyrants but I am hoping to make a decision soon on that.

Return to the apartment


I have returned to my apartment after the holiday season. I was only able to clean a few of the guant pieces as I am watching the bowl games. I am going to try to continue the goal I previously set (see earlier post for the goal details) I surfed the net today on warpshadow, the tyranid hive, and other forums for anything niddy and I have to say I want to complete my huge swarm and see it all on the table. Well back to the rose bowl game

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