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So I want to rant a little about some people, not all, just some select few that just bugs me on the internet forums.

My first complaint are people that do not use the simple search function to see if their has been a post on an answer to your question or the topic itself. It takes almost no time to do. For those who help the people that do this, I appreciate the ones that encourage them to search and then kindly respond to their answer. It is possible they do not know how or not familiar with forums. Its ok to make mistakes but try to learn from them. For those who just say in their post they are to lazy to search and just want and answer....I know your not going to learn cause you do not want to. I just wish people had better common courtesy.

The next is in regards to something that people just get need to quote sources where they came from. I just think linking to something that links to real source is a waste. Just go straight to the source. Save everyone time.

So who do I think are these people that just upset me so much? I am going to be bias and blanket them into two groups. One, I would say are minors who dont know better or could care less. The other are people that I feel just lack some common sense. You can not teach common sense. I am just frustrated and glad that there are forums where you can have a real discussions without the problems above.

I am done and I should probably calm down, repent, change my ways, etc... and I really would like to give some people a good "something" to.

Site Overhaul

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After being frustrated trying to actually navigate my own site, I decided to give it a much needed overhaul. One of a couple reasons for this site was as a personal homepage with all the quick links and interesting stuff all in one location. After some searching I found this template you see now. I lost all the information I had before and will take a while to get everything up as I see fit again. I feel for Ron at FtW and his entire rebuilding work.

On a hobby note I got my table outside and sanded for a good couple hours this week and am very very happy. Over the winter the plaster dried and hardened very nicely for sanding. This allowed for less "weak plaster pockets" that seem to just fall out and/or crumble during sanding. I just need to do some minor touch-ups and I am ready for the water effects part all over again. I have learned a lot from my first mistakes (mistake part 1 and part 2)

Commisioning painting plan


I set about today to help organize and decide what order I should have things painted up. I remember when this use to be a lot easier as a teenager. I only had money to buy and then paint one unit at a time. I have over now the course of time amassed a lot of unassembled and/or unpainted models. Up until this point I had painted up what models I liked with a rough idea of using them in Apocalypse formations and/or games. Here is the list of what I had painted by MAS or is in process.

1 Broodlord
12 Genestealers with Scything Talons
1 Hive Tyrant with Bone Sword, Barbed Strangler, Toxin Sacs
1 Hive Tyrant with Wings, Scything Talons, Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs (in process)
1 Hive Tyrant with two Scything Talons, Toxin Sacs, Adrenal Glands
1 Trygon
5 Zoanthropes

Sadly after looking at the list it is dominated by HQ choices. So I decided to force myself to start rounding out the army with my new plan. Here is what I came up with.

Group 1
20 Termaguants
20 Spineguants
1 Lictor

Group 2
24 Hormaguants
5 Raveners
1 Carnifex

Group 3
20 Devilguants
1 Carnifex
5 Warriors

That is the plan as it stands. Once I get this all done I will move to planning the next group.

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