Beginnings of a bunker

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The voting is over. The winner was a bunker built into a hill of sorts. I started sketching the templates for the bunker. They are done and now I can cut them out and put them on Styrofoam to begin construction. It a very simple layout and is built for the infantry size model. I thought about making it large enough for tyranid warriors. That proved to be a much larger scale than I wanted to start out. Once I build the bunker I will create a hill around and on top of it. When it is all said and done I will post the templates and a tutorial on how to create it.

MAS finished more


MAS (Micro Art Studio) finished some more models. A job well done. At this rate I will have a very large force in my dream scheme in no time. They are working on two tyrant guard and a broodlord I converted seen here It also shows the hormagaunts I assembled to have more an "action" pose. This type of "action pose is what I want for the carnifex I am in the midst of building. I am thinking having a scything talon slammed into the building and the carnifex jumping off the wall and over a wall. How well I pull this off is yet to be seen but Im not the one to deny my vision because I do not have the experience. I have never done terrain before really and my board is shaping up nicely, I believe. Its how you learn!

Well, the voting is almost over and the winner looks clear. I will have to think up the design, sketch it out, and make a template for the bunker that will be built into the hill.

I hope everyone enjoys the upcoming holidays and picks up a couple hobby related presents to show off! I will post next time on the bunker build. Till then!

Terrain block

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Over the weekend I wanted nothing more than to work on my board. I wanted to try and get it fully ready for pouring the realistic water in the one area with the small floating icebergs. I was unable to do so because of the weather (I cant sand inside my game room, that plaster makes a nice fine dusty mess!) So I have a feeling I am stuck till the spring to finish the main game board.

I finished cleaning the mold lines up on my 9 Tyranid warriors. I plan to outfit them with deathspitters and scything talons. I also started cleaning the mold lines on a carnifex. I am think I am going to make it the classic screamer killer with a leaping pose through rubble similar to what I did with my hormagaunts. You can never have enough carnifexes as a tyranid player you want to make all the different combination's.

I finished all the hills for my table except for putting the snow flock on top. I will wait for that until I am going to do the main game board as well. There is only one more thing to make and that is some sort of ice bridge for to be placed in an alternate setup over the large low levels with small floating icebergs. That leads into what should I do next?

I thought of doing some hills that are have a door or a bunker built into it. possibly an igloo? Maybe I should just start on the next phase which was straight ruined buildings like cities of death in the winter theme for my board. I could also make some extra hills of different sizes for alternate setups. Maybe some tyranid terrain for objectives. I am open for suggestions as well. Vote on the side and/or leave comments. Thank you for helping with my Terrain block(normally I have writers block and that is why I do videos :-)

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