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Well I have very little to report. I have bought two special edition lictors off eBay to make my total three. Yes that is correct 3 special edition lictors that only came in the tyranid army box. I have plans to get three of the new lictors (just two more) and three of the deathleaper lictors. I just love each of the models. I did some minor clean up on the one biovore model I have. I want to really vary my bases with the ice and snow theme to give a wide range of themes all on the same theme. I have checking out some bases like these
or these

Valentines Day Vermin!?!?


Today my girlfriend and I celebrated a part of valentine's day with some gifts. Well she got me tyranid models despite her constant raves on me being a "dork" We created a little game where if its a holiday she or I can get gift we have to sorta name the gifts. So if I wanted tyranid models for my birthday I would call them birthday bugs. For Xmas I called them Christmas critters...valentines day vermin! Well anyway she got me some out of production tyranid warriors. Quite a bundle of them too!!! She got me 7 with devourers, 3 with barbed stranglers, one with venom cannon, and one with boneswords. She really does love me to forget all the typical gifts for Vday to get me models!!! I dont think I will ever get around to them in the near future. I have soooooooooo many models I don't know how to get them all done before I want more nids. My ultimate goal is to have the codex maxed out in formations and have all the apocalypse formations and legendary units. Ohh to see that horde!!! Thats the goal and one step at a time I will get there!!!

Working on Hormaguants

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Been working on my hormaguants and still have not figured out how to get the adrenal glands correct. I guess I will just have to do my best. I decided to change up the poses by doing some simple conversions that will, I think really enhance the brood. The fewer the models I have to deal with the greater I can convert them. Still plenty to think about and work on and I hope to have some progress pics later

5th edition rumors and my Carnifex

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Well I have a carnifex that was partly assembled off the same ebay deal that provided the hive tyrant mess and all. So the new rumors have said that blast weapons dont miss just scatter and the fex I have is modeled with enhanced senses so I think its a waste of points to muy that upgrade only to have it scatter on inch less. So Im gonna have to convert the fex even more now. (poor guy has just been through a lot) That also makes my Hive tyrant with planned Barbed strangler that much cooler. I know your saying Im wasting my BS on on something I could give to a fex for cheaper???? Well I wanted that hive tyrant to be guant support and that strangler is good for it. At least it wont scatter too much (I hope) So all in all things are lookin good and Im making progress on my hormaguants too! Here are pics of them unassembled and ready to get going for modeling month again at the tyranid hive forum. pics of my fex can also be found here and here

for a video stating the same thing I said here check out it here

Hormaguants started

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I started assembly of the hormaguants and I ran into a little problem. Im making some hyperguants and the adrenal glands dont fit correctly on the hormaguants. I dont know exactly what to do so Im gonna inquire on the forums and find something. I dont know what I am going to add to total points as I need 300 for the next competition. I guess I will add some warriors or possibly assemble a hive tyrant.

Spineguants Finished


I finished my spineguants and Im am happy to be done. It took alot of time to get all those 40 guants done! This month I am going to continue to assemble guants but this time around its going to be hormaguants. I am going to make them hyperguants with the adrenal glands upgrade and weapon skill upgrade. That will make them different than the 24 of regular hormaguants i already have. I also removed the venom cannon on the hive tyrant that came partly assembled. I plan on switching it for a barbed strangler and keeping the hive tyrants bonesword and lashwhip. This role will make it "swarm support" firing upon the infantry to soften it up for the guants to attack and provide assualt support when the walking tyrant gets there. I also want to change up the pose of the gun as it was far to "out of the box"

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