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So I purchased this off of eBay and I am very happy about it. I know some dont like that I post my youtube video but in reality I am just to lazy to make both youtube video and blog about the same subject.



MAS finished another three models for me. Here they are.

Paint Stripping: Forget Simplegreen on Plastic minis. Superclean outperforms

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After about a year testing paint stripping I have come to a realize that nothing is perfect on plastics but Superclean is the BEST!

Hobby Goals


With a fresh new year upon us I wanted to lay down my goals on what I hope to accomplish. I am going to be very realistic as I go from one project to another to break up the tediousness and allure of something different. I am also a very slow at the hobby. With football season coming to an end I will shift more time to hobby time. So here are the goals in no particular order...

1) Finish my Arctic game board. I hope spring comes early so I get outside sand the plaster and pour some clear liquid. The next step is finishing touches on the plaster with some contact paper. Paint the sides the same La Fonda Fiesta Blue as the water on the board. Last step is flocking the whole thing and all the extra pieces. Goal is to get it done before the summer heat!

2) Finish the bunker. I have already cut the foam pieces and need to pick up either foam core or plasticard for the sides of the bunker. A long way to go on this one but Im pushing to have it done in January.

3) Strip all my old tyranid models. I have little over two battleforces of tyranid models that have been sitting in simple green for almost 5 months now. I bought a very cheap electric tooth brush for around 8 dollars at a Rite Aid. I tested it compared to my old stiff brush and it really does a lot more with less effort. I am going to give all those models a scrub with the new electric brush and then try Superclean. The simple green is not stripping the primer well at all. I have read that Superclean is just as safe and does a better job. This is also something I want done in January.

4) Finish my Carnifex. I have just begun to clean the pieces and decided I was going to do him as the classic screamer killer. I hope to get him done as I know some conversion is going to be involved to pose that lumbering model as agile as I want him to look. Before March is my goal on this one.

5) Build some tyranid objectives. I want to build some possible terrain/objectives that are themed toward Hive Fleet Erebus. This is one of those hope to get around to goals for the year.

6) Design a campaign. This is something I have wanted to do forever!!! I love campaigns cause they are story driven. I enjoy what the guys from Bell of Lost Souls. Maybe the From the Warp blogger group could pull our ideas and make one.

7) Get about 1000 Points of Hive Fleet Erebus painted. This all depends on my cash flow

Those are my thoughts as this stage of my hobby progress. Now I need to stay focused and not add to the list until I get this list trimmed down. I hope everyone had a great New Year.

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