5th edition rumors and my Carnifex

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Well I have a carnifex that was partly assembled off the same ebay deal that provided the hive tyrant mess and all. So the new rumors have said that blast weapons dont miss just scatter and the fex I have is modeled with enhanced senses so I think its a waste of points to muy that upgrade only to have it scatter on inch less. So Im gonna have to convert the fex even more now. (poor guy has just been through a lot) That also makes my Hive tyrant with planned Barbed strangler that much cooler. I know your saying Im wasting my BS on on something I could give to a fex for cheaper???? Well I wanted that hive tyrant to be guant support and that strangler is good for it. At least it wont scatter too much (I hope) So all in all things are lookin good and Im making progress on my hormaguants too! Here are pics of them unassembled and ready to get going for modeling month again at the tyranid hive forum. pics of my fex can also be found here and here

for a video stating the same thing I said here check out it here


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