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I bought a couple of products to test them out a little. The first was Pledge with Future. Path of the Exodite had a post on using this product as water effects. After working with the product a little bit I found that you can color it. I recommend an ink, dye, or food coloring. I had a problem mixing it with paint. I could not get a uniform color. It was harder to mix and it made the pledge clump a little. This which when trying to spread it....made it a tad more difficult. This may have been due to the paint as it was general acrylic paint from Micheal's. After playing with colors I put it a couple more tests.

I originally bought the product as I wanted to know if it could be used in larger volumes for my board. After testing I found that it is not possible. This product seems to only dry when in small small amounts. In larger amounts it just stays in liquid form. After a month my test is still sitting there laughing at my optimism.
It does make a great water effects in small amounts as Path of the Exodite use it.

The next product I bought was polycrylic. I have not tested this product yet. I wanted to see if once dry over paint it is safe to use epoxy resin over top. Lets hope for the best. I bought a cutting board with a grid unlay from my local hobby shop. That is about all on the purchase front. I finished reading Decent of Angels and started reading Legion. The HH series is coming along nicely. I hope to catch up on the series by the end of the year.

I got some updates from MAS on my flyrant so here they are.


I can't wait to see how the polycrylic turns out.

Was it just me, or did Descent of Angels not seem as "good" as the previous HH books? So far it's my least favorite. Legion is good, but it almost felt like a different universe than the 40k one. Just something in the way Dan wrote this one that doesn't completely 'fit'. Great book overall though.

I've used the Pledge with Future myself on my tanks quite a bit. I use my airbrush to coat the tank, and it provides an excellent gloss coat upon which to apply washes. I've also used it to create oil washes, mixing it with inks and sometimes pigments.

Brushed on...it doesn't work so hot. Also, I've noticed that you only want to do very light coats with the airbrush; too much and it runs, pools, and then you have to take a watered brush and smooth it out. Aside from that, however...its a useful additive and gloss varnish.

@ Inner Geek
I agree that Descent of Angels was a little off compared to the other books. Most of the book did take place before meeting the imperium. It did not transition well to when Astartes IMHO. I have only started Legion so...no comment.

wats MAS?

MAS = Micro Art Studio

thanks 4 responding nobody else has to any of my comments

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