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I have entered the modeling converting contest for the month of January on the the tyranid hive. rules are here I am doing 20 spineguants and 20 termaguants and 2 tyrant guard. I have my work cut out for me cause 40 guants really suck to assemble (boring and all those mold lines) Well that should motivate me to get some assembly done.

My girlfriend also proposed a deal. I have to workout and get back to my "great looking body" at under 200lbs (I weight now 225) and that extra weight has really helped in the rugby season at college but now that I am done with that she will buy me $400 worth of bugs as she calls it. I have till the summer to get down and all "hot" as she says. Well I have so much to choose from and the options are amazing. Well that's something to think about but I have a ton to assemble and get done for the competition though I don't think i will win but I entered and cant let them or myself down.


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