Spineguants Finished


I finished my spineguants and Im am happy to be done. It took alot of time to get all those 40 guants done! This month I am going to continue to assemble guants but this time around its going to be hormaguants. I am going to make them hyperguants with the adrenal glands upgrade and weapon skill upgrade. That will make them different than the 24 of regular hormaguants i already have. I also removed the venom cannon on the hive tyrant that came partly assembled. I plan on switching it for a barbed strangler and keeping the hive tyrants bonesword and lashwhip. This role will make it "swarm support" firing upon the infantry to soften it up for the guants to attack and provide assualt support when the walking tyrant gets there. I also want to change up the pose of the gun as it was far to "out of the box"


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