Valentines Day Vermin!?!?


Today my girlfriend and I celebrated a part of valentine's day with some gifts. Well she got me tyranid models despite her constant raves on me being a "dork" We created a little game where if its a holiday she or I can get gift we have to sorta name the gifts. So if I wanted tyranid models for my birthday I would call them birthday bugs. For Xmas I called them Christmas critters...valentines day vermin! Well anyway she got me some out of production tyranid warriors. Quite a bundle of them too!!! She got me 7 with devourers, 3 with barbed stranglers, one with venom cannon, and one with boneswords. She really does love me to forget all the typical gifts for Vday to get me models!!! I dont think I will ever get around to them in the near future. I have soooooooooo many models I don't know how to get them all done before I want more nids. My ultimate goal is to have the codex maxed out in formations and have all the apocalypse formations and legendary units. Ohh to see that horde!!! Thats the goal and one step at a time I will get there!!!


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