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Yesterday I did an Inventory of the models I have assembled and unassembled. I felt this was necessary as I have broken down so many models that were poorly cleaned and assembled from off eBay. I also have the models done from Blue table painting that I am going to strip and redo. They failed to clean many mold lines and the paint job was too low a quality for me to live with for long. So After the breakdown I am left with the following.

Assembled: 20 spineguants, 20 termaguants, 12 Genestealers (ST+RC)

Left to strip/assemble/clean: 48 Hormaguants (24 regular 24 hyper), 18 ripper bases (17 regular 1 spinefist), 25 Genestealers (I need more 3 claw bits to do them all as planned), 4 lictors, 3 carnifexes, 3 hive tyrants, 3 ravengers, 1 broodlord, 1 biovore, 5 zoanthropes, 4 tyrant guard, 1 trygon, 16 spineguants, 18 termaguants, 27 Warriors (15 3rd ed 12 2nd ed), 10 Spore mines (4 frag, 3 toxin, 3 bioacid)

OK Wow! I feel somewhat depressed at all I have to still do. I have so many things do and the slow pace things are coming around sure don't help. I change my mind about what to equip my models that everything just gets postponed. I just have to get it all done slowly. Slow and steady wins the race right? When it is all finished I will be quite proud!!!! I hope to have rounded out and bought more by then also!


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