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Well my girlfriend ordered some tyranid models online from a cipher games cause the had an online checkout still despite gw's policy. Well when I recieved her package it was well not what she ordered. She had ordered two biovores (4th edition) and one ravenger. What they sent was just one biovore (3rd editon)and then only credited her account for the one model. Next time she's just gonna have go the extra mile and call in her order for models at a more reputable store. Well enough venting and good day.


Hillarious - You live in Towson. I am 29, live in Columbia and am also a BoM fan! I go to the Savage Mill Ward, Columbia Stake. Anyhow... back on topic.

Went to visit my brother in UT a few weeks ago and he's got me hooked on 40k. I have since purchased

2 x Battle Forces
1 x Tyrant ( still need wings)
1 x Old One Eye Fex

I think I'm swinging with about 100 models now- I start priming this week... waiting for new ink washes (Jun 6).

Got a friend of mine already started on his Eldar army. We went down to the Battle Bunker in Glen Burnie. Would be cool if you wanted to get a game going some Saturday with us. You know tons about Tyranids!! I need to be able to wipe the floor with my bro when I go back for Christmas with my army.

Still need to get my table made and could use some guidance in the Do's and Do Not's with Nids. My brother is a lascannon freak...

Shoot me an email and we can meet at the Battle Bunker if you're up for it.

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