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MAS (Micro Art Studio) finished some more models. A job well done. At this rate I will have a very large force in my dream scheme in no time. They are working on two tyrant guard and a broodlord I converted seen here It also shows the hormagaunts I assembled to have more an "action" pose. This type of "action pose is what I want for the carnifex I am in the midst of building. I am thinking having a scything talon slammed into the building and the carnifex jumping off the wall and over a wall. How well I pull this off is yet to be seen but Im not the one to deny my vision because I do not have the experience. I have never done terrain before really and my board is shaping up nicely, I believe. Its how you learn!

Well, the voting is almost over and the winner looks clear. I will have to think up the design, sketch it out, and make a template for the bunker that will be built into the hill.

I hope everyone enjoys the upcoming holidays and picks up a couple hobby related presents to show off! I will post next time on the bunker build. Till then!


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