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I started the year just as many do with some goals/resolutions for the new year. (seen here) After two attempts to make the bunker templates work, I got discouraged, upset, and quit. I am not giving up on the bunker. I am taking the easy way out. I bought the sanctum imperialis to form the front and sides of the bunker. That makes my original 6 sided bunker into a much easier project. I hope to put up pics of the constructed bunker soon.

I stripped most of Tryanids I had with superclean. I still have quite a few to go. In total I have to strip 2 battleforces, the battle for macragge nids, and a couple others.

I have done about 80% of prep on the carnifex with regaurd to mold lines. I still need to see how to pose and repose the legs to get the effect I want. I hope to finish the mold lines this week.

Overall a very lackluster month and half. I need to master more of the do a little bit more often than looking for a large chunk to do hobby stuff. More to come, hopefully sooner than later.


I feel the same way I got almost nothing done over the last couple of weeks for various reasons. I find I have to in general give up sleep to get hobby time so I have to be inspired. Just got me a box of black templar upgrades and I can feel them demanding action.

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