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After being frustrated trying to actually navigate my own site, I decided to give it a much needed overhaul. One of a couple reasons for this site was as a personal homepage with all the quick links and interesting stuff all in one location. After some searching I found this template you see now. I lost all the information I had before and will take a while to get everything up as I see fit again. I feel for Ron at FtW and his entire rebuilding work.

On a hobby note I got my table outside and sanded for a good couple hours this week and am very very happy. Over the winter the plaster dried and hardened very nicely for sanding. This allowed for less "weak plaster pockets" that seem to just fall out and/or crumble during sanding. I just need to do some minor touch-ups and I am ready for the water effects part all over again. I have learned a lot from my first mistakes (mistake part 1 and part 2)


Sometimes it's good to try and navigate through your own site as if you were a visitor.

It can put anew perspective on things.

Like the new look.

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