Top ten hobby stuff to check out: 6/14/09

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This column is about the top ten things that I viewed hobby related in the past week on the web that I want to pass along as a "must see" type of thing. Check out the video for my comments and the links to them are next to the article.

10 TerranScapes BB Pitch with Skull
9 Wargaming board making video log: Channel opening, test video.
8 Warhammer 40K Apocalypse Event
7 All comers, fluff or win at all costs?
6 Vash1313's Bretonnian Themed Vampire Counts
5 WHFB: High Elf Unveiling [p1/2]
4 Whatwhat's greenstuff tips and tricks
3 scratch built necron pylon completed
2 Heat Tools Tutorial #1
1 Warhammer 40k Battle Report Necrons vs Orks (PINK ORKS?!?!)


Sweet, love these top ten things! :)

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