Top ten hobby stuff to check out: 6/21/09

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This column is about the top ten things that I viewed hobby related in the past week on the web that I want to pass along as a "must see" type of thing. Check out the video for my comments and the links to them are next to the article.

10 Warhammer Battle Report One: Dark Elves vs Empire 1500pts (Part 1 of 2)
9 Warhammer 40k Space marine tatica The Land Speeder Storm
8 copper roof tutorial
7 How do you deal with Independent Characters 40k.
6 HOW TO: Build your own Realm of Battle board for 20% of the price!
5 How To Build A Lava Field Gaming Board
4 Sportsmanship scores
3 Table design - wetlands
2 CITIES OF DEATH ( work in progress )
1 Successfull operation


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