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I started the other day to clean up my game room to drag out my table and get the much needed sanding done on the plaster. That will allow me to move on to less time consuming aspects of the table. After cleaning everything off and ready to drag the table outside on the my lower deck I notice a pile of old lumber that I had not taken to the dump. So, I took it to the dump like I should have done in the fall. Upon my return the rain came was unable to get my board outside. I was so close.....

I was still in the hobby mood upon my return. I put on a podcast and finished cleaning the mold lines(I think I'm OCD when it comes to those damm mold lines they can't exist!) on my screamer killer fex. I debated on what to do next but decided to cut out the pieces to make 8 guants with devourers(devilguants) with toxin sacs. After putting the extra bits in my bits box it was full. Time to get a larger box.


Nearly does it. Nevermind, for us in the Northern Hemisphere, summer is a coming - more time to sand, spray and sunbathe (can't all be pale nerds except us in rainy UK!)

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