Blastscape for Planetstrike...WHY GW??!!!???

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So I advanced ordered the Blastscape from GW simply because it was while supplies last. So I received my order today and damn if I wasnt about to ship the whole damm thing back to them. The quality is terrible! I repeat TERRIBLE!!! The details are ok looking but not great like in the advertised picture. That is why I bought it. It is a thin piece of plastic. If I put my old metal dread or any heavy model on it... it is going to crack and/or dent the shape. It is the same stuff in terms of terrain for italeri and zvezda WW2 models they have. ITS CHEAP QUALITY. So now I have to fill in the bottom with some heavy strong plaster or even green stuff to give it some rigidity and durability as terrain before actually basing it. For the price I would have thought better. Damn was I duped! below is my video and I am still upset. I even end up messing it up just applying some weak pressure in the video. Well I am done. Take from this what you will. I just needed to vent. So I feel duped and I over paid.

link to my video


that sucks :( I havn't been out to a Gamesworkshop in 2 weeks, so I havn't seen them yet.


Could we maybe get some pictures to see how thin these things really are?

Where is the video mentioned in the article?

Nearly everyone who has received theirs is complaining about the quality. Where your review differs however... You thus far are the only person to say that the detail is good.

Check out Dakka Dakka...

Wow, I'm surprised that GW would release something of this quality. I had gotten used to all their plastic sets being of thick, tougher plastic.

Thanks for the review--the blastscape/moonscape wasn't high on my list of purchases, but it'll definitely make me think carefully before I make any purchases like this.

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